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From our home and studio. Ty and Kiyoko Heineken in Princeton, New Jersey, welcome guests by appointment.

From our 130 year old traditional studio and tea house in New Jersey, our Tansu collection represents the Japanese Mingei folk culture we came to know and respect while living in the "snow country" of Yamagata prefecture. In honor of those from whom we learned so much, we have tried to be faithful to the exigencies of age.

  • WHAT IS RESTORATION - returning an object to an approximate appearance of original condition.
  • WHAT IS CONSERVATION - the stabilization of natural age and/or restoration through the use of materials that are both consistent and compatible with age period of the object being conserved. For example, a Meiji Period craftsman didn't use sandpaper, electric tools, oil stains, poly finishes or wood putty.
  • WHAT IS REFINISHING - often incorrectly called restoration, refinishing is the giving of a new appearance to an aged object using whatever modern techniques and materials can easily accomplish this objective. If the aged object is an antique, refinishing compromises the integrity of the object, thereby reducing it's intrinsic value as an antique.

Gathered over our 51 years living in Japan, we can offer: Mingei folk art, ceramics, fabrics, farm impliments, lacquerware, architectural objects, wood carving, basketry, clothing, boxes, tables, tools, and Tansu chests within these catagories:

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